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Progress 8

In October 2013, the DFE announced that a new secondary school accountability system will be implemented from 2016 which will now include anew headline measure, Progress 8.

Progress 8 is a measure of a student’s progress from the end of primary school through to the end of secondary school. A school’s Progress 8 score is an overall measure of how the cohort performed comparatively to other students of a similar starting point nationally.

A progress 8 score of 0 shows that on average all students attained a grade in line with the national average. A positive progress 8 score shows that on average students attained a grade above the national average. This is measured in line with the new 2017 GCSE assessments on a 1 – 9 scale, meaning that a positive score of 1 shows that students have achieved on average 1 grade higher than their counterparts nationally.  Officially validated Progress 8 scores are published in January 2017.  For more information about Progress 8 click here or follow this link for an easy guide.