Teaching and Learning @ BPA

Teaching and Learning is at the heart of everything we do at E-ACT Burnham Park Academy. This starts with our Ten Essentials of Teaching-the minimum expectations that we, as teachers, do everyday in the classroom. These have been created, adapted, and implemented, with input from students, staff, and governors. Our Ten Essentials of Teaching are: 

Teaching & Learning outline for 2017-18 to follow shortly.

Continuing Professional Development for our staff is very important to us. A large aspect of this is scheduled through our fortnightly Teaching & Learning sessions. Many colleagues have the opportunity to organise and lead parts of sessions, dependent on their areas of expertise. Our calendar for these sessions is mapped out for the academic year to ensure that all vital aspects of training are covered.

Some examples of resources created by colleagues and shared with staff include:

New marking & feedback sticker (Jan 2016):

This feedback sticker was created in conjunction with staff and students. This democratic process ensured that we produced the most appropriate design for the people who would be using it regularly. Teachers mark with red pen and students respond with green pen.

Current/Target: This notifies students of their current and target grade for the particular subject.

Pride: Students are given feedback on their presentation. This is scored from P1 to P5 (with P1 meaning very poor and P5 meaning excellent).

The star: This gives students positive feedback on what they have recently achieved in this subject.

The T: This gives students a specific target - something they need to work on to improve their grade in this subject.

Student Response/Try Now: Underneath the sticker, students have the opportunity to respond to teacher feedback and attempt any 'Try Nows' (mini follow-up tasks based on feedback received) they have been given.

Green pen response resource (December 2015):