Curriculum Plan 2016/17

2016 /17 Curriculum Plan for KS3

In Years 7 to 9 all students follow a broad and balanced curriculum. There are 25 one hour lessons in the weekly timetable. Time is allocated to the subjects as follows:

English – 4   Mathematics – 4   Science – 3    History – 2    Geography – 2    Modern Languages – 2

Art – 1    Music – 1    Drama – 1    Technology – 2    Citizenship  – 1    PE - 1    IT – 1  

All students also have a 15 minute session with their form tutor first thing in the morning where SMSC is delivered and assemblies for whole year groups take place.


2016 /17 Curriculum Plan for KS4

In Years 10 and 11 the amount of teaching time allocated to English and Mathematics is increased. All students have the opportunity to take GCSE in English Language and English Literature as separate subjects. Mathematics and Double GCSE Science take the core GCSE provision for all students to five subjects. Guided subject choices provide three more subjects which are chosen during the options process in Year 9. These option subjects enable students to study areas in which they can achieve well and also prepare them for future studies for which they show both interest and aptitude. The number of qualifications may be further increased by ECDL (an ICT GCSE) and a Home Language.

Time allocation is as follows:

English Language and Literature – 5   

Mathematics – 5

Science – 4.5                                              

PE Core – 1      

Citizenship – 0.5                                         

Option 1 – 3

Option 2 – 3                                                

Option 3 – 3


Planned option subjects for Year 10 2016/17 are:

Art and Design    Triple Science    Business Studies    Art Textiles    Computer Studies               Sociology    Art Graphics    PE Btec     PE GCSE    Performing Arts   Construction                        Spanish    History    Geography    French    Catering    Music

The range of subjects may change. The teaching staff offer a wide range of expertise which may adapt to the educational needs of the students.

Option subjects for Year 11 2016/17 are:

Art and Design    Triple Science    Business Studies    Art Textiles    Computer Studies

Sociology    Art Graphics    PE Btec    PE GCSE    Performing Arts    Construction   

Spanish     History    Geography    French    Catering    Media    ICT


2016 /17 Curriculum Plan for KS5

Post 16 Courses are provided to give students the opportunity to consolidate further at Level 2 or to follow Level 3 courses, giving the opportunity to apply through UCAS for University Entry.

A requirement of all Post 16 students is that they either have or follow a qualification in both English and Mathematics at a minimum of Grade C standard.

Students follow A Level and BTec courses separately or in combination. The range of subjects currently studied is as follows.

Traditional GCE A Level

Vocational BTec


Applied Sciences


Business Studies




Art and Design


Art – Photography


Performing Arts




Sport – Single or Double Award


Sport – Football


In a 25 period week each of the above subjects may be allocated up to 5 periods. Students may study up to four subjects with the norm being three.

In addition two periods of enrichment are given to all students, the details of which are explained here.

In time not allocated to teaching students are expected to remain in school and follow private study in supervised rooms.